Azure AD Connect 1.0.9131 is here

AzureADChanges in Microsofts cloud portfolio can be fast. Glimlach
Six months ago, Azure AD Connect was still in preview, but today, Microsoft released a new version of Azure AD Account for a new month.

Known as the December 2015 update, this is a QFE release, a release based on Quick Fix Engineering, as opposed to the long term engineering goals set by the team.


What’s new

Fixed Issues

  • Password sync might not work when you change passwords in your on-premises Windows Server Active Directory, but works when you do set password.
  • When you have a proxy server, authentication to Azure Active Directory might fail during installation or un upgrade on the configuration page.
  • Updating from a previous release of Azure AD Connect with a full SQL Server will fail if you are not System Administrator (SA) in SQL.
  • Updating from a previous release of Azure AD Connect with a remote SQL Server will show the error “Unable to access the ADSync SQL database”.


Version information

This is version 1.0.9131.0 of Azure AD Connect.


Download information

You can download Azure AD Connect here.
The download weighs 72,3 MB.



If you feel your organization experiences some of the issues fixed with this release, you can download and in-place upgrade your Azure AD Connect implementation.

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