I'll be presenting at Microsoft Sinergija 16

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I received a message from Microsoft Serbia on an opportunity to speak at its yearly Sinergija event at the Crowne Plaza hotel and conference center in Belgrade on October 17th and October 18th 2016; An event, a Microsoft subsidiary and a country with an extensive legacy and rich heritage.

Readers of my blog in this region will be happy to know that I’ll be able to provide two learning opportunities on Windows, Windows Server, Active Directory and Azure during this event.

Microsoft Sinergija 16: Integrated destination

Azure Active Directory Join for Windows 10 Bring-Your-Own Scenarios

Monday October 17, 2016 4:10PM – 5:10PM Adriatic

Windows 10 brings a huge flow of continuous change to the paradigm of joining devices to a trusted environment. How does the virtualization of the join change the security thoughts that we got so used to over the past decade? What happens to single sign-on and management of the workplace? Where are the new boundaries of the virtualized territory? How did Windows 10 turn the tables?

You’ll be surprised by the new opportunities!

Join this session to learn about the new features that Windows 10 and Azure bring to your Bring-Your-Own, Choose-Your-Own, yet Manage-all processes.

Virtualizing Highly-Sensitive Domain Controllers on Hyper-V and Azure

Tuesday October 18, 2016 1:40PM – 2:40PM Aegean

Active Directory Domain Controllers hold the keys to your kingdom. So how do you virtualize these castles of identity, without compromising on the requirements of your organization?

This session shares the best practices for hardening, backing up, restoring and managing virtualized Domain Controllers on both Hyper-V, Azure Stack and in Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service VMs, from the field.

The information in this session is based on the latest version of Azure and Windows Server 2016, but I will also show how the functionality of Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 already allow for risk mitigation and availability, too, so you don't have to upgrade everything immediately, if you can't.


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