Raymond and I are redelivering our sessions at OGD’s internal Experts Live redelivery event

After Experts Live 2016, a couple of persons asked for our slides. One of these persons is a former colleague, still working at one of my former employers.

Of course, I could just hand over the slides and made him share the knowledge and experience therein with his colleagues, but instead I half-jokingly offered to come deliver the message myself.

Yes, please.Glimlach


About OGD

OGD - Samen SlimmerOGD is an IT company based in five large (University) cities in the Netherlands, focusing on IT service delivery, IT hosting and IT projects.

It all started in Delft in the eighties. Based on a system where college drop-outs build an IT career on top of the opportunities, experience and no-nonsense culture that OGD offers, OGD has grown to an organization of formidable size, through the years.


About the Experts Live Redelivery event

So here I am, sharing knowledge and experience with some of the people I worked together with for fifteen years of my career.

OGD HQ at Rotterdamseweg 380 in Delft, the Netherlands

On Tuesday December 19th 2016, in a session-packed evening, both Raymond and I, but also Dave Stork, will redeliver our Experts Live presentations at OGD HQ in Delft.


I’m looking forward to it!


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