I’m presenting an Active Directory 101 course with Netwrix

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Active Directory 101: Online Course from an MVP

I know from my own experience – the importance of Active Directory and its security can never be overestimated. So, I’ve teamed up with Netwrix to bring you an easy yet extensive update for your knowledge of Active Directory management and security principles.

Therefore, this September, I’m hosting three consecutive webinars on Active Directory Domain Services, sponsored by Netwrix.

Apart from industry best practices for AD management and security, we will also cover the first three main objectives of Microsoft’s exam 70-742. Aiming for this exam certainly boosts your career as an AD admin.

These webinars cover only 3 out of 5 topics for Microsoft exam 70-742: the Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) ones. You will need to find a source for Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS), AD LDS and AD RMS to fully prepare for the exam.


Three webinars

1. Active Directory 101: Install and Configure AD Domain Services

Thursday September 6 2018 2PM BST / 3PM CEST

This webinar covers the first section of the Exam 70-742. We're focusing on effective installation and administration of Active Directory. Apart from step-by-step training, the session also explores the potential pitfalls of AD configuration and the ways to ensure reinforced security of your IT environment.

Watch this webinar to explore:

  • How to install and configure domain controllers
  • Best practices in creation of AD users and computers
  • How to effectively approach AD groups and Organizational Unit (OU) management
  • Netwrix Auditor’s reporting functionality to help you mitigate cyber risks and enforce good IT hygiene


2. Active Directory 101: Manage and maintain AD Domain Services

Thursday September 13 2018 2PM BST / 3PM CEST

Once the Active Directory Domain Controllers are configured and groups are set in place, it’s time to explore the options you have for monitoring AD changes. Watch this webinar to prepare for the second section of Exam 70-742, dedicated to continuous management of Active Directory.

During this session, you will learn:

  • Main techniques to configure service authentication and account policies
  • Top methods to maintain Active Directory
  • How to configure Active Directory in a complex enterprise environment
  • How to determine which changes in your environment merit inspection with Netwrix Auditor


3. Active Directory 101: Create and Manage Group Policy

Thursday September 20 2018 2PM BST / 3PM CEST

Proper Group Policy setup and management can ensure continuous uninterrupted functionality of any organization. This session covers the third section of Exam 70-742 about Group Policy management and explains how Group Policy auditing can mitigate the risk of security breaches and compliance failures.

By the end of this session, you will know:

  • How to create and manage Group Policy Objects
  • Top methods to configure Group Policy processing, settings and preferences
  • How to deliver complete visibility into all security and configuration changes in Group Policy


Join me!

Advance your career as a systems administrator and start aiming to attend the live sessions, or get access by the recordings if you cannot join online.

Register here.

These webinars are offered free of charge, thanks to the sponsoring by Netwrix. By signing up for these webinars you agree to their privacy policy.


About Netwrix

Netwrix logoNetwrix is a private IT security software company. They offer IT auditing solutions for systems and applications across your IT infrastructure. Netwrix  specializes in change, configuration and access auditing software with its Netwrix Auditor solution. Netwrix is a partner of Microsoft, VMware, EMC, NetApp and HP ArcSight.

If you’ve worked in highly-secure highly-regulated IT environments, you’re probably familiar with the Netwrix brand, because their Active Directory auditing solution is one of the best out there.

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