Pictures of Microsoft Sinergija 2018

Last Wednesday I presented a 60-minute break-out session at Microsoft Serbia’s annual Sinergija event.

I flew into Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla airport on Tuesday night and was welcomed by Microsoft Sinergija’s regular driver in his (new) black Audi. It was a smooth experience all the way to the Crowne Plaza hotel. I went straight to bed to be rested for Sinergija Day 1.

Belgrade plaque at the Crowne Plaza (click for larger photo)The Belgrade Crowne Plaza at a cloudy day (click for a larger photo)

After enjoying a breakfast, featuring ćevapčići and a lot of coffee, I stepped outside of the Crowne Plaza Hotel for a breath of fresh air. It was very cloudy, outside, and decided to use it as inspiration for the slides for my session ‘Going password-less’.

Passwords Be Gone! (Click for a larger photo, by the Sinergija Organization)

At 5:30PM, I started my session in room Atlantic 1. Since English is not a main language for Serbians and people from other former-Yugoslavian countries, I decided to use PowerPoint Translator again to provide live subtitles as a service.

My Sinergija 18 BadgeA nice glass of Rakija, one of many that night (click for larger photo)

After my session, it was time for some relaxation. With all the speakers, we decided to have dinner and drinks.

A picture of the Sinergija Party (click for larger photo by the Sinergija Organization)A picture of the Sinergija Party (click for larger photo by the Sinergija Organization)A picture of the Sinergija Party (click for larger photo by the Sinergija Organization)

At 8PM, it was time for the Sinergija Party! Branislava drove us to the venue, Splav Play on the river Sava. We had a great time.

At 5AM, the regular driver was waiting for me downstairs, to bring me to the airport for my 6:40AM flight back to Amsterdam Schiphol airport. Then, I spent the day at the office for some customers.

Back home, I decided to check out the speaker gift in the event bag. It turned out to be quite a surprise, as this year’s Sinergija gift was an entire kilogram of meat delicacies.

Sinergija 18's Speaker Gift :-) (click for larger photo)

Thank you! Thumbs up

Thank your Microsoft Serbia, for inviting me as a Sinergija speaker, to Romeo, Tomislav, Vlatko and all my other amazing friends from the region, and to all the people attending and, of course, the people sitting in on my session. I’m glad we have al made it work.

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