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Friday October 11, 2019. was a busy day for me. I started off by driving to Utrecht to park at my common parking spot at Jaarbeurs P4. I park here every two weeks for a customer in Utrecht’s city center. This time, I walked into the Jaarbeurs building for a different reason: to present at Professional Development Systems’ 2019 edition of AppManageEvent in Utrecht.

Find your way at the Utrecht Jaarbeurs (Click for larger photo by HoratuiWLD)
Nice guys at the Liquit booth (click for larger photo by LiquitWorkspace)AppManagEvent Banner (click for larger photo by MarkTerWeele)

I was well on time and had chats with Jeff Wouters (Methos IT), Coert Bosker (PDS) and Roel van Buuren (Liquit). We all headed to the keynote, where Sami Laiho was surprised for his (actual) 40th birthday.

Sami's keynote at AppManagEvent 2019 (click for larger photo by AppManagEvent organization)AppManagEvent's 2019 Keynote audience (click for larger photo by AppManagEvent Organization)

Then, it was time to present my session ‘Identity, the solid base for your organization’s future’ in room Expedition.

The schedule for room Expedition (click for larger photo)Getting Ready in room Expedition (click for larger photo)During my session (click for larger photo by Sami Laiho)

After my session, I had to split to get to Haarlem for  Office 365 and SharePoint Connect 2019 – Community Edition. I answered some questions, received my speaker gift and thanked the organization before getting back to my car.


Thank you Thumbs up

Thank you to PDS for organizing AppManagEvent 2019 and inviting me as a speaker. Thank you to all the attendees, especially the people in my session.

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