The video of my talk at the European SharePoint Office 365 and Azure Conference is now available


The European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference (ESPC) is Europe’s leading online community, providing educational resources and encouraging collaboration. Therefore, I was more than happy to announce that I was returning as a speaker for the European SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure Conference (ESPC) 2020.

On October 15th, while my pre-recorded presentation was playing, I signed in to answer any questions the attendees might have. Today, I’m making the video available to all who want to view it.


Hardening Hybrid Identity in the Real World

In the session, I’m discussing trailblazing from a security development point of view in an enterprise like Microsoft. Then, I’m covering hardening Active Directory by applying Active Directory’s tiered administration model, hardening the Windows Server installations that run your Domain Controller and leveraging Azure AD Connect Health and Azure AD Password Protection.

For Azure AD, I’m covering Identity Secure Score, securing privileged access, limiting the default privileged access every user and guest has through the default tenant settings, and auditing.

Most of these security measures don’t even require fancy licenses. Learn more:


Admittedly, I did present this session before at Microsoft Ignite 2018, but recent updates and experiences with the Cloud Security Assessment we conduct a couple of times per month with our customers have persuaded me to update the session with the latest product behavior, customer adoption rates and insights.



Thank you to Qualtech Conferences for organizing the European SharePoint Office 365 and Azure Conference and inviting me as a speaker.

Enjoy! Thumbs up

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