Availability of Azure AD Connect’s v2 endpoint

Azure AD Connect

For the past year, Microsoft has been offering the new ‘version 2’ endpoint for Azure AD Connect. This endpoint replaces the ‘version 1’ endpoint we’ve come to use ever since DirSync.

About Azure AD Connect’s v2 endpoint

Microsoft has deployed a new endpoint (API) for Azure AD Connect that improves the performance of the synchronization service operations to Azure Active Directory. We reported on the Public Preview availability of this v2 endpoint roughly a year ago.

When organizations use the new v2 endpoint, they'll experience noticeable performance gains on exports and imports to Azure AD. This new endpoint supports the following scenarios:

  • Syncing groups with up to 250,000 members
  • Performance gains on export and import to Azure AD

Availability of the v2 endpoint

The new v2 endpoint was announced generally available for Azure AD Connect installations connecting for tenants in the global Azure AD service on January 14th, 2021.

On April 16th, 2021, The Azure AD Connect’s v2 endpoint was announced generally available for:

  • Azure China cloud
  • Azure US Government cloud

Azure AD Connect’s v2 endpoint will not be made available in the Azure Germany cloud.


While T-Systems still runs the Azure Germany cloud, Microsoft has not been accepting new organizations or deploying new features and services to the Germany locations. Instead, Microsoft has launched two new datacenter regions in Germany.

Currently, the Azure Germany cloud will be closing on October 29th, 2021. Now, the non-availability of Azure AD Connect’s v2 endpoint, and as a result non-standard upgrades to Azure AD Connect versions beyond version, is the first big hurdle organizations using Azure Germany face.

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