Azure AD Connect v2.0.9.0 fixes a Password Hash Synchronization bug

Yesterday, a mere week after the release of Azure AD Connect version, a security release for the 2.0 branch, Microsoft has released version, fixing a bug in the en releases.


What's fixed

This release addresses an issue where, when syncing a large number of Password Hash Synchronization (PHS) transactions, the Event log entry length would exceed the maximum allowed length for a Password Hash Synchronization (PHS) event entry.

In version onward, Azure AD Connect now splits the lengthy log entry into multiple entries.

This version of Azure AD Connect requires Windows Server 2016, or newer.

The issue is not present in Azure AD Connect version


Version information

This is version of Azure AD Connect.
The version of Azure AD Connect was made available for download on August 17, 2021. This version is not available for automatic upgrade


Download information

Azure AD Connect v2.0.9.0 can be downloaded here.
The download weighs 152,9 MB.


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