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Active Directory in Hyper-V environments, Part 9

I have written a lot about Active Directory Domain Controllers and Hyper-V in this series. So far you’ve seen recommendations on host configuration, guest configuration, security and converting physical Active Directory Domain Controllers to virtual ones. Today, I’m covering anti-affinity.


Common Challenges when Managing Active Directory Domain Services, Part 3: Performance

Domain Controllers are the backbone of many networking environments in many organizations. Unavailability and a lack of performance of these servers quickly escalates into numerous helpdesk calls and employee disgruntlement. Many admins opt to beef up Domain Controllers with larger amounts of RAM, more processor power and more capable networking interface cards (NICs). Another avenue […]


Domain Controllers: Standard, Enterprise or Datacenter?

When making choices for a new Active Directory environment, choices eventually need to be made for the Operating System for the Active Directory Domain Controllers. The key question here is whether the Enterprise and Datacenter Editions add any substantial functionality to the Standard Edition.