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Vista RC2 Build 5744 (Updated)

I've been seeing a couple of Microsoft Windows Vista Release Candidate 2 (RC2) Build 5743 rumors on the net since yesterday. These mainly had their origin in an article Paul Thurrott wrote as a web exclusive for the Windows IT Pro WinInfo website: Exclusive: Here Comes Windows Vista RC2 (October 02, 2006) Microsoft will ship the final prerelease […]


Who's testing Windows Vista?

If you're serious about testing Microsoft products you'll want to be in the Microsoft Connect program. But who's in it? Where are they located? With how many are they? This information is now available on the Microsoft Windows Vista program!


Windows Vista and its Group Policies

Microsoft Windows Vista comes with a complete new way of implementing Group Policy settings, a new lay-out for Group Policy settings and even complete new Group Policy settings. Windows Server "Longhorn" adds even more bling to your Group Policies!


Hang on to your seats! (Vista RC1 Build 5600)

According to rumours by Paul Thurrott (and others) you can find Microsoft Windows Vista Release Candidate 1 (RC1) build 5536 on the Microsoft Connect website. This is however a Pre-RC1 build of Microsoft Windows Vista as announced by the Microsoft Windows Vista Team Blog. It is however the 'escrow' build, which means we will be seeing Microsoft […]


The road to Eldorado

Eldorado, spanish for “the gilded one” is a term becoming more and more appropriate for Microsoft Windows Vista, but I’m gonna give you a different angle to look at this, based on the 2000 movie ‘the road to Eldorado’.