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Windows Server Core IP Configuration, Part 3

I've showed you some common commands for IPv4 networking in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. Now that you know the commands to change your network settings I feel it's time to perform some tweaks to make your commands just a tiny bit shorter. As an added bonus you might be able to […]


Windows Server Core IP Configuration, Part 2

In the first part of this series I explored the basic settings of IPv4 on Server Core installations. Now it's time to dive a little deeper and explore the tabs behind the Advanced button on the General tab of the Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) Properties screen.

Windows Server Core IP Configuration, Part 1

Networking services are a big part of the services you can make your Server Core box perform. Having properly configured network connections are prerequisites to offering these services, so I feel it's time to explain how to properly configure the networking connections on Server Core installations of Windows Server 2008.


Remotely managing your Server Core using RDP

Not all system administrators feel comfortable on the command line and most system administrators don't feel comfortable behind the console of their servers in their airconditioned and windowless (no pun intented) serverrooms for longer periods of time.


Handling Server Core Events

Windows Server 2008 Server Core doesn't have a graphical event viewer. There is a tool called wevtutil.exe that allows you work your log magic on the console, you can use the Event Viewer on another (graphical) machine to open the event logs of your Server Core box, but you might also opt for a nice event log […]


Add or Remove programs in Server Core

After playing around with Server Core for a while I'm beginning to wonder how to perform certain administrative tasks. Today I found myself wondering about software management after reading a post on the Microsoft TechNet forums and decided to put my thoughts on paper.


Changing Server Core's Look and Feel, Part 4

After three rather serious posts on changing Server Core I feel it's time to change some settings that are just fun to change. Let's look at the splash screen at boot time and the picture on the logon screen. I'll conclude with a grand tip to show off your Server Core geekness.


Changing Server Core's Look and Feel, Part 3

Yesterday I wrote down information on the missing desk.cpl (the Display Control Panel applet) and how to change most of the settings through the registry. Today I look at configuring input devices. Left handed admins should read this!


Changing Server Core's Look and Feel, Part 2

After playing with the remaining Control Panel applets it's time to look at how Server Core looks on your screen. Despite the absence of desk.cpl we're still going to adjust the settings you can adjust using the Display Properties Control Panel applet.


Changing Server Core's Look and Feel, Part 1

Windows Server 2008 Server Core installs with a couple of default settings. In this post I'll look into the Control Panel applets available in Server Core to change some settings.