I appeared in ITBende Podcast 249 last Friday

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Being involved with Microsoft Netherlands the way I am, has its advantages. Like yesterday, when I appeared in ITBende.nl Podcast 249 to talk about the Microsoft rumors of this last week, and, of course, to talk a little about the upcoming Dutch TechDays event.

I have been a guest on this podcast two times earlier and enjoyed it both times.


About ITbende

IT bendeITbende is a non-commercial Dutch IT news website with a weekly podcast, where Martin Broerse, Dae Punt, Luc Sala and Bart van Klaveren discuss the latest IT-related news. Often they invite people into their podcast to discuss a trending topic in more depth, get rumors confirmed or just get some more food for thought for future podcasts.


ITBende Podcast 249

Since I was also organizing the Dutch CloudOS MVP Roadshow yesterday, I had a little trouble joining the podcast from the start, but eventually found a wired connection on the 3rd floor of the Microsoft Netherlands office in Schiphol.

When I finally connected, the guys were already done talking about Samsung’s $930m fine towards Apple (1m00) and the underlying patent wars, 3D Printing (4m40) and their relation in terms of legal implications for 3D print shops, like HEMA. Building onto the various examples given on the blurring divide between devices and software (Toyota recall and FLIR), I joined the discussion from 22m14 onwards.

Almost directly I got a question on Windows XP displaying pop-ups at the 8th of every month regarding the end of support. Since I haven’t seen the pop-ups myself (or am running Windows XP), I really had nothing to add. Then, going forward, we’re discussing the rumor on a free version of Windows. (23m25)

Since CeBIT Hannover is on the schedule for next week, from 25m37 onwards, we discussed this event and its keynotes a bit. From 26m40 the discussion is steered back towards Microsoft topics. Of course, Windows 8.1 Update 1 was brought up. I shared what I saw when I took an early look at Windows 8.1 Update 1 (build 9600.16596). Answering a question on the Internet Explorer Enterprise Mode that is supposedly part of Windows 8.1 Update 1 (29m18), the discussion heads towards embracing new technologies versus being trapped in old technology.

From 28m28 onwards, a more light subject was chosen: DirectX 12. From 40m00, finally, I talked about the upcoming Microsoft TechDays event in The Hague, the Netherlands. Next up: the new social strategy for Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office 365. (41m35) From 47m40, then, the subject of Yahoo! no longer allowing access to Flickr with Facebook and Google accounts. Of course, the Azure Active Directory federation hub story applies there, so I brought it up.

Wrapping it up from 49m40, the guys invite me back for when there’s more news.
I guess I’ll be back next week. Knipogende emoticon


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