Azure AD Connect version offers new functionality

Azure Active DirectoryOn April 12, 2016, Microsoft released a new version of Azure AD Connect, dubbed version This release brings improvements to a lesser-known function of Azure AD Connect, expands on the automatic upgrade scenarios and adds PowerShell Cmdlets to manage the built-in scheduler, that is new in Azure AD Connect version 1.1.x.


What’s New

Multi-valued Directory Extensions

Version 1.0.8641.0 of Azure AD Connect introduced the Directory Extensions functionality, that allows organizations to sync attributes for objects in the on-premises Active Directory Domain Services environment(s), that they have created themselves using Active Directory schema extensions.

Unfortunately, up until this release, the Directory Extensions were limited to single-valued attributes. This version adds support for multi-valued attributes to Directory Extensions.

More Automatic Upgrade Scenarios

This version of Azure AD Connect adds support for more configuration variations for automatic upgrade to be considered eligible for upgrade.

This means, that even more organizations can benefit from the automatic upgrade functionality, new since version 1.1x of Azure AD Connect, than before.

PowerShell Cmdlets for Scheduler

The team added the following PowerShell Cmdlets for the custom scheduler:

  • Invoke-ADSyncRunProfile
  • Get-ADSyncConnectorRunStatus

Using these PowerShell Cmdlets you can schedule the Connectors, if the built-in scheduler does not satisfy your requirements.


Version information

This is version of Azure AD Connect.


Download information

You can download Azure AD Connect here.
The download weighs 73,7 MB.



If the Automatic Updating functionality  hasn’t already upgraded your Azure AD Connect installation to version, you can download this version of Azure AD Connect above.

With the automatic upgrade feature functionality expanded to even more scenarios in this version, it might just be the last time you had to upgrade Azure AD Connect, manually. Knipogende emoticon

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