Pictures of the KNVI IT Infra Day of the Year 2018 ‘Roast the Cloud’


On Wednesday October 3rd, The KNVI SIG IT Infra organized its yearly event.

From 9AM onwards, IT Professionals were welcome at the Postillion Hotel in Bunnik, the Netherlands for a day filled with technical sessions, started off with a keynote and ending with a playful high note in the form of the ‘Roast the Cloud’ keynote, a networking clinic and, of course, drinks.

The Night Before: Brainstorming (click for larger picture)The Night Before: Brainstorming (click for larger picture)

As we wanted to pick up on all the latest news, we gathered at the Postillion Hotel the night of Tuesday October 2nd. We heard the news that Microsoft tried its first attempt at releasing Windows 10 version 1809 and Windows Server 2019 and couldn’t be happier with the news for our event. We decided to take it into account for our three panel sessions ‘Keep Out of the Cloud’, ‘Everything to the Cloud’ and ‘Roast the Cloud’.

Tom Dalderup opening the IT Infra Day of the Year (click for larger photo)A Big Audience for Ron Onrust (click for larger photo)

I stayed the night and woke up rested to meet all the attendees. A grand total of 86 attendees joined us for an informal breakfast, opening words by Tom Dalderup and the main keynote by Ron Onrust on his YouTube adventures.

Ruben presenting on Modern Desktop Virtualization in a Cloud First World (click for larger picture)Martijn Bellaard presenting on the Internet of Things, the Cloud and Privacy (click for larger photo)Erwin Derksen on Office 2016 and Office 2019 Click to Run (click for larger photo)

As the day progressed, our speakers, including Ruben Spruijt, Adnan Hendricks, Jeff Wouters, Rob de Groot, Tim Heiland, André Hoeksma, Rienk van der Ploeg and Martijn Bellaard presented their 45-minute sessions.

The Guys In The Back (click for larger photo)Roast The Cloud (click for larger photo)Erwin's Laptop with his 'Roast the Cloud' notes (click for larger photo)

Then, it was time for the grand finale. In 45 minutes, Raymond Comvalius, Erwin Derksen, Alex de Jong and I tore apart each other and the cloud, with large amounts of humor. A typical roast, following Comedy Central’s famed formula.

Rob Tol, who provided the pre-drinks networking clinic, asked if he could hire us for another event. I had a couple of drinks and then headed home with a big smile on my face.


Thank you!

Thanks to all the people attending the KNVI IT Infra Day of the Year, the people laughing at the ‘Roast the Cloud’, even though our jokes were lame and not that funny. Thanks to the IT Infra team for making this year’s event fabulous, even though I didn’t give you the nicest compliments during the roast.

‘till next year! Be right back 


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