New versions of ADFind and ADMod are now available

ADFind v01.55.00

Joe Richards has published new versions of his independent ADFind and ADMod tools. Long before Windows Server came with Windows PowerShell, Joe published the first versions of these tools. Now, the latest versions are here for you to enjoy.

About Joe Richards

Joe Richards currently works as Enterprise Technical Expert CyberSecurity InfoSec Identity and Directory at Walmart. Before he started at Walmart roughly four years ago, Joe worked at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) for twelve years as a consultant, and before as a technical specialist at Ford Motor Company.

Joe Richards is a former Directory Services Microsoft Most Valuable Profession (DS MVP). I know Joe as the most knowledgeable guy on Active Directory automation.

About ADFind 1.55.00

ADFind is a command-line Active Directory query tool. It is a mixture of ldapsearch, search.vbs, ldp, dsquery, and dsget tools with a ton of other cool features thrown in for good measure.

Running ADFind merely requires the privilege to run local script on the workstation used to query Active Directory, although some actions, like querying the Deleted Items container and the STATS control options, require specific privileges.

ADFind version 01.55.00 supersedes version 01.54.00 (released January 19th, 2021).
It includes many bugfixes and introduces 20 new switches. It is compiled using Visual Studio 2019.

About ADMod 1.22.00

ADMod is a command-line Active Directory modification tool. It is the natural extension to AdFind. It was written to provide functionality not provided by dsmod, dsmove  and dsrm.exe.

ADMod version 01.22.00 supersedes version 01.21.00. (released January 15th, 2021).
It includes many bugfixes and introduces 28 new switches. It is compiled using Visual Studio 2019.

Warranty and license

There is no warranty on ADFind and ADMod. The utilities may work perfectly, they may do nothing, they may burn up your computer, they may scratch the paint on your car. Generally they work very well at the things they are supposed to do and they have done so for thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people around the world. But a utility working ten thousand times for one thousand other people doesn't mean it will work even once for you.

You are licensed the right to use the software on your own or your organization's computer systems. You are not licensed to distribute this software to other companies or users. The other users and companies can download it on their own just like you did. If you absolutely need the right to distribute joeware utilities please contact Joe directly to get information on possible distribution licensing costs and guidelines. There will not automatically be a cost; it depends on the specific details of the distribution but if you are a for-profit organization, seems only fair to pay Joe if you need to use his utilities for your product.

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    My NetSec Team flags ADFind as malicious and blocks me from using it.

    Then proceeded to lecture me about downloading files from the Internet.

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