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New versions of ADFind and ADMod are now available

Joe Richards has published new versions of his independent ADFind and ADMod tools. Long before Windows Server came with Windows PowerShell, Joe published the first versions of these tools. Now, the latest versions are here for you to enjoy. About Joe Richards Joe Richards currently works as Enterprise Technical Expert CyberSecurity InfoSec Identity and Directory […]


HOWTO: Create an LDAP Connector account in AD LDS for Azure AD Connect

Recently, I showed you how to synchronize an Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) or an LDAP v3-compatible directory to Azure AD using Azure AD Connect. In that blogpost, I listed as one of the requirements that you need a service account that is part of the LDAP tree and has sufficient permissions to […]


Using Azure AD Connect to synchronize Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) and other LDAPv3 directories to Azure Active Directory

An estimated 97% of all organizations with over 50 people use Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) as their on-premises directory service. This, however, leaves a lot of organizations with other directories, that are largely LDAPv3-compatible. How would these organizations embrace Azure Active Directory, as the world and Microsoft’s investments shift to cloud-based directory services? […]