HOWTO: Use Azure AD Connect’s v2 Endpoint

Azure AD Connect is Microsoft’s free tool to synchronize objects and their attributes from Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) implementations to Azure Active Directory tenants. Many millions of organizations depend on Azure Active Directory and the APIs that the tool connects to. Now, there is a new endpoint Public Preview, so it’s time to … Continue reading "HOWTO: Use Azure AD Connect’s v2 Endpoint"

Azure AD Connect fixes two issues

After every fresh major release of Azure AD Connect by Microsoft, several smaller hotfix releases update the functionality to prevent issues where administrators are not able to perform certain configurations or gain access to functionality. Last week, Azure AD Connect version was released, fixing two issues that were introduced in the first release of … Continue reading "Azure AD Connect fixes two issues"

Field Notes: How has your Azure AD Connect been configured?

As a consultant, I see a lot of different environments. Often, I need to know the answer to one of the most important questions: What did you select during the setup of Azure AD Connect? The answers vary: A colleague did the setup and has left the company, department… A external supplier did the setup … Continue reading "Field Notes: How has your Azure AD Connect been configured?"