Sweet Sixteen, DirTeam!

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Sweet Sixteen, DirTeam!

On January 12, 2004, Carlos Magalhaes registered the DirTeam.com DNS domain name. That day, he conceived the DirTeam.com / ActiveDir.org Weblogs, as you’ve come to know it today as your one-stop website for all Microsoft Identity-related information.

With great please, I congratulate DirTeam.com with its 16th birthday! Birthday cake


The early days

In the early days, Carlos ran the DirTeam.com / ActiveDir.org Weblogs as a CommunityServer website, based on ASP and Microsoft SQL Server, on two physical Windows Servers in a datacenter in Pasadena. Tomasz Onyszko, Jorge de Almeida Pinto and Tony Murray were on board as the other MVP bloggers.


Over time, several other bloggers, both MVP and non-MVP, joined the DirTeam.com / ActiveDir.org Weblogs to share their opinions and experiences. I was one of them in June 2006. We grew out to become the number 1 Microsoft Identity-focused website, outside of Microsoft.


Technical changes

Obviously, the DirTeam.com / ActiveDir.org Weblogs no longer run on physical servers. They don’t even run in the US, anymore. After having been hosted as a virtual machine with a Dutch Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Provider between 2010 and 2015, the website is hosted on an Microsoft Azure-based infrastructure since 2016.

Also, we migrated from CommunityServer to WordPress MultiSite with that latest move. Migrating to an actively maintained and open source platform increased the burden of management slightly, but the fantastic improvements in capabilities for our bloggers greatly offset this.



Even though the DirTeam.com / ActiveDir.org Weblogs aren’t legally allowed to drink yet (for another two years), I propose a toast to this website and the many people who visit our website and the feedback they provide us with!

Congratulations! Martini glass

DirTeam CTO

Author: Sander Berkouwer

Sander Berkouwer is the author of the Active Directory Administration Cookbook, speaker and blogger at DirTeam.com and ServerCore.net. He is awarded Microsoft MVP, Veeam Vanguard and VMware vExpert. Since 2009, Microsoft has awarded Sander with the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award. Since 2016, Veeam has awarded Sander with the Veeam Vanguard award.

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