Active Directory and eDirectory

It's not easy to look objectively to the differences between Microsoft's Active Directory and Novell's eDirectory. It's even harder to choose between them for your identity and security infrastructure needs, when your customer wants you to look at them objectively, especially when most of the information is sales material. From a sales position it's good to … Continue reading "Active Directory and eDirectory"

Vista RC2 Build 5744 (Updated)

I've been seeing a couple of Microsoft Windows Vista Release Candidate 2 (RC2) Build 5743 rumors on the net since yesterday. These mainly had their origin in an article Paul Thurrott wrote as a web exclusive for the Windows IT Pro WinInfo website: Exclusive: Here Comes Windows Vista RC2 (October 02, 2006) Microsoft will ship the final prerelease … Continue reading "Vista RC2 Build 5744 (Updated)"

Windows Defender and Your Run key – what do You need to know?

  Recently one of my friends who is running small (but very good – <ad word>If You need serious security guys, just call them</ad word>) security company sent me a link to some document. This document described simple experiment with security features made on Windows Vista (Beta2). What its author did was creating simple program … Continue reading "Windows Defender and Your Run key – what do You need to know?"

Complete list of Ports required for our Windows Server System

I always have to look up in different locations as to which ports are needed for certain functions like Active Directory, DFSR, Certificate Services, Cluster Service, DHCP Server etc. When you need them handy its always a mission to get to the documentation, here is a document that has all these ports in one article … Continue reading "Complete list of Ports required for our Windows Server System"

Active Directory Schema 4 easy steps

So here is a list of things that you need to do when thinking and about to make schema changes: Understand the Active Directory Schema Terminology Then read How the Active Directory Schema Works Once you have that understanding you then go through our Checklist before extending the schema And make sure you know how … Continue reading "Active Directory Schema 4 easy steps"

Exchange Server 2007 and the Active Directory, Part 2

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 is bound to shake up the Active Directory world as we know it. After my first post on the soon to come Exchange Server and the Active Directory I've been playing around for 2 months with it and attended a couple of seminars on the subject. Now we know that there probably won't … Continue reading "Exchange Server 2007 and the Active Directory, Part 2"

MIIS newbie tales – Export password attribute with Extensible MA

Today I had a little chat on e-mail with Alex Tcherniakhovski which was about following topic: how to create export only attribute with Extensible MA to set initial password for newly provisioned account? (OK, this wasn't exactly such topic but this is what it was about 🙂 ). So problem is: we are provisioning new account to … Continue reading "MIIS newbie tales – Export password attribute with Extensible MA"

Playing with new ADFind and ADMod

Today on  simple question was asked: Is possible clean all logon scripts from a OU at the same time. This OU contains others sub-OUs. Sure it is :), thanks to joe we have updated versions of ADFind and ADMod in our toolbox. First we need a filter which is simple: (&(objectClass=user)(objectCategory=person)(scriptPath=*)) which should give … Continue reading "Playing with new ADFind and ADMod"