Pictures of the April 2017 IT Pro User Group at Microsoft Hrvatska in Zagreb

Last April, I was invited by the Microsoft IT Pro User Group to present a 75 minute session on Azure AD Join at Microsoft Croatia’s Headquarters in Zagreb.

Since I was spending some time in the region between Microsoft Bosnia and Hergovina’s Network event and the Croatian WinDays, I had no trouble finding the place.

Getting ready (click for larger photo)

I set up my demo environment (left) and opened my slides (right) to prepare for the session. As soon as I looked up, the room had filled up and it was time for Romeo Mlinar to provide a short introduction. There were many familiar faces in this room. It felt like having the home advantage. 

Then, I had 75 minutes to present the entire story on Active Directory and Azure Active Directory, in the light of coupling and managing devices for Single Sign-On (SSO) and Enterprise Mobility and Security.

Introduction (click for larger photo, by Romeo Mlinar)Making the case for lightweight device management (click for larger photo by Romeo Mlinar)Explaining the concept of Azure AD Join (click for larger photo by Goran Žarinac)

Afterwards, Romeo conducted their usual after-event raffle, where I was invited to hand out the presents to selected attendees: a Microsoft-branded USB stick, two Microsoft-branded water bottles and a Microsoft-branded key ring. Good stuff!

Afterwards, we had a drink at Eter Café, across the street from Microsoft Hrvatska, where I enjoyed a nice local beer.

Enjoying a local beer (click for larger photo by Romeo Mlinar)

I had a great time!

Hvala ma! Glimlach

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