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Information on my experience with Microsoft beta products. Mainly on (but not limited to) Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Exchange. Here yu'll find indepth information on new features and the way they can make YOUR life easier.

Enabling Flip3D on Windows Server 2008

Sometimes you just have to be really dedicated to pull stupid stuff. Like today.I'll try and get my Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate box to do Flip3D's: the Windows Vista feature that lets you switch between windows on a 3d manner.


Firewall management in Server Core, Part 1

In Server Core installations of Windows Server 2008 the Windows Firewall is enabled by default. This means it's locked up by default and offers little weakness towards unfriendly administrators and users. When you want to do something with your Server Core box you might want to open up the Windows Firewall a little bit to allow […]


Getting installation files onto Server Core

Server Core installations of Windows Server 2008 require a different mindset when it comes to installing software or drivers. It starts with downloading stuff and getting the installation files onto your Server Core box.


Handling Server Core Events

Windows Server 2008 Server Core doesn't have a graphical event viewer. There is a tool called wevtutil.exe that allows you work your log magic on the console, you can use the Event Viewer on another (graphical) machine to open the event logs of your Server Core box, but you might also opt for a nice event log […]


Add or Remove programs in Server Core

After playing around with Server Core for a while I'm beginning to wonder how to perform certain administrative tasks. Today I found myself wondering about software management after reading a post on the Microsoft TechNet forums and decided to put my thoughts on paper.


Changing Server Core's Look and Feel, Part 4

After three rather serious posts on changing Server Core I feel it's time to change some settings that are just fun to change. Let's look at the splash screen at boot time and the picture on the logon screen. I'll conclude with a grand tip to show off your Server Core geekness.


Changing Server Core's Look and Feel, Part 3

Yesterday I wrote down information on the missing desk.cpl (the Display Control Panel applet) and how to change most of the settings through the registry. Today I look at configuring input devices. Left handed admins should read this!


Changing Server Core's Look and Feel, Part 2

After playing with the remaining Control Panel applets it's time to look at how Server Core looks on your screen. Despite the absence of desk.cpl we're still going to adjust the settings you can adjust using the Display Properties Control Panel applet.


Changing Server Core's Look and Feel, Part 1

Windows Server 2008 Server Core installs with a couple of default settings. In this post I'll look into the Control Panel applets available in Server Core to change some settings. 


Get Windows Server 2008 now

It is possible to obtain Windows Server 2008 through various public channels, even if you're not a devoted IT Professional or a technology craving geek like me. Some channels are more useful, offer more features or are kept more up-to-date than others. I'll discuss the various channels in this post along with their benefits, requirements and quirks.