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Experiences with Being Published, Part 1: Accusations of Plagiarism

This entry is part 1 of 6 in the series Experiences with Being Published

As a published technical writer, I’ve had my share of experiences working with a publisher and its editors for a period of seven months. For my own sanity, I’ll post some of my experiences in this series of blogposts on Experiences with Being Published. I feel these stories can be quite entertaining, and I might […]


Get your copy of the Active Directory Administration Cookbook today

The new Active Directory Administration Cookbook is now available. [Packt] [Amazon] [Tomlinsons] [Fnac] [Lehmanns] [ManagementBoek] For the last seven months, I worked with Packt Publishing to write the fourteen chapters in this 620-page book, containing all the essential howtos  and their gotchas for managing both on-premises Active Directory and Azure AD. It has been an […]


I’ve technically reviewed O’Reilly’s ‘Windows 8 Hacks’

Although this blog typically contains Windows Server-related tips, tricks, howtos and reviews, I am also pretty known with the Windows client. After I technically reviewed ‘Windows 8: Out of the Box’, as published by O’Reilly Media, I was contacted about five months ago to be one of the two technical reviewers of ‘Windows 8 Hacks’, […]


I’ve technically reviewed O’Reilly’s ‘Windows 8: Out of the Box’

Last week, I technically reviewed ‘Windows 8: Out of the Box’, as published by O’Reilly and available both as print and ebook. Per today you can pre-order the paperback at Amazon.