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Using the new Active Directory PowerShell Cmdlets on down-level and module-less systems

Last week, we discussed the new Active Directory Domain Services-related PowerShell Cmdlets in Windows Server 2012 R2. In the requirements I mentioned that you needed at least one system with the Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows 8.1 version of the Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell feature installed. However, as Aleksandar Nikolic (PowerShell MVP) […]


Security Thoughts: The Inconvenient Truth about CVE-2014-1776 (aka “The Windows XP Mega Vulnerability”)

Looking at the news these last couple of days, you’d think the XPocalypse has begun. A vulnerability has been discovered in Internet Explorer 6 through 11 and code has been made publicly available to attack it. Since, according to several websites, this is a critical vulnerability that was discovered after Microsoft officially ended support for […]


KnowledgeBase: A Windows 8-based client computer or Windows Server 2012-based member server does not use the BitLocker Network Unlock feature

Last month, Microsoft released a KnowledgeBase article regarding BitLocker Network Unlock. Basically, Windows 8-based and Windows Server 2012-based client computers sometimes may not receive or use the Network Unlock Protector feature, depending on whether the client receives unrelated BOOTP replies from a DHCP server or WDS server.


KnowledgeBase: Smart card logon option is displayed incorrectly on the logon screen in Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012

Last week, Microsoft published a new KnowledgeBase article detailing two issues with the way (virtual) Smart Card login is displayed on the Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 logon screen. The article contains a hotfix to address the issues.


KnowledgeBase: Group Policy Preferences for Local Users and Groups fails with Event ID 4098 on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012

Last week, Microsoft released KnowledgeBase article 2890259. It describes an issue in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 with Group Policy Preferences for Local Users and Groups. In some circumstances, these Group Policy Preferences would not apply, resulting in events with EventId 4098 in the Windows Event Viewer (eventvwr.exe) on your domain-joined Windows 8-based device(s) […]


KnowledgeBase: Internet Explorer 10 security settings are silently applied to client computers when you use GPMC to view the Group Policy Preferences settings

Last week, Microsoft issued KnowledgeBase Article 2849027, discussing that Internet Explorer security-related preferences are silently applied to targeted computers, without any indication this is happening.


Windows Server 2012 Active Directory Feature Requirements

A while ago, I wrote a blogpost on the requirements you’d need to meet to take advantage of Active Directory features in Windows Server 2003 through Windows Server 2008 R2. Since Windows Server 2012 was released almost a year ago, it’s time to look at the requirements for Active Directory features in Windows Server 2012.


Proud to be using Windows NT and Volkswagen Passat technology

Last week marked Windows NT’s 20 year anniversary. Last week also marked the 40th birthday of the Volkswagen Passat. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with any of these technologies in their first incarnations today, but I’m proud to be using the 10th incarnation of Windows NT (My Dell Precision 4700 with Windows 8) and […]


Pictures of my Educational Session at the Hague University

In my job at OGD, I get to do fun stuff. One of the interesting things that came across recently was the invitation to provide an educational session at one of the Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences, the Haagse Hogeschool, this Monday. When we were negotiating the session, the preference was around Windows 8. This […]


Top 5 myths on Offline Domain Join

A lot of people have an opinion on the Offline Domain Join (ODJ) functionality in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 Active Directory, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Of course, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but sometimes fact checking is useful for a discussion. To this point, I have captured the top […]