Tech-Ed: Review of Day 2

Well, as OCS didn't really do it for me (yet?), i decided to skip my intended session and joined Sander at "SEC05-IS Cybercrime: The Art of Identity Theft!".  It was as much fun as it was scary and shows how easy identity theft can be. Andy Malone showed some of the websites and tools used, which are mostly available freely. Next on the list was "UNC303 Advanced Troubleshooting Strategies for Exchange Server 2007". A very educational session and very helpful

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Enabling Circular Logging (Round, Round you go)

One of the first settings I look for when examining an unknown Exchange Servers, is whether Circular Logging is enabled. Contrarily to some beliefs, it isn't something you should enable without reason. In my opinion, there are only 3.5 reasons to do this. For those who don't really know what Circular logging is, here a short explanation which hopefully makes the importance more clear. Circular logging is the option for Exchange, tot reuse it's transaction log files. Transaction log files

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