Installing Exchange 2010 Beta: Quick Preparation

Reading Time: 2 minutes Just a few quick tips for those who want a quick result when preparing and installing for Exchange 2010 Beta. The past few days I've installed this beta too many times not to be wondering how to speed things up. So I wound up with two batch files. No unattend file (yet?) though. I already have recently updated Windows Server 2008 images. But for Exchange 2010 beta you need some more updates and packs. When prepping a server for a

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Exchange 2010 Beta: A First Impression

Reading Time: 4 minutes A few days ago the beta of Exchange Server 2010 has been released. As Exchange has always been of special interest of me, I jumped at the opportunity to install it and check it out. So will 2010 be the year we will make better contact with our own mail? (for those sci-fi geeks out there, this was a reference to a A.C. Clark novel) First of I used my own home computer with virtualization, but 2GB is just not

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