How to use the Microsoft Authenticator WP app with Google

A while back, Microsoft enabled the long awaited 2-factor authentication feature for Microsoft Accounts and released a code generator for Windows Phone. But a little know fact is that this app can also be used for the Google Account Two-factor authentication. See the screenshots below on how to do this: Go to the right corner of you Google page and select Account. On the left you will see some options, select Security. Select Settings. When you haven’t entered a mobile

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Exchange and malware protection

This blog post is something I intended to write for a while now, because it is a question that i get asked a lot. On which Exchange server roles do you need to install the Exchange malware protection software, be it the now no longer for sale Forefront Protection for Exchange or similar products from McAfee, Symantec or GFI and the like. Why is this IMHO a valid question? Well, if we ignore the Microsoft recommendation to install multi-role servers

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Exchange SSL Offloading and the upcoming update blocking certificates with RSA key length less than 1024bit

Microsoft announced yesterday new approach regarding the validation of certificates coming in august this year. Certificates with a key length less than 1024bit will be blocked: Adding to our defense-in-depth measures, in August, we will release a change to how Windows manages certificates that have RSA keys of less than 1024 bits in length. Once this key length update is released, we will treat all of these certificates as invalid, even if they are currently valid and signed by a

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