Exchange Server 2013 Preview – Installing Prerequisites [Video]

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In my previous post, I’ve demonstrated how to prepare Active Directory for Exchange 2013 Preview Release. Now this video will demonstrate which and how to install all the requirements to install Exchange 2013 Preview on a Windows 2012 Preview server.

Why not Windows Server 2008R2? Well, it’s mostly the same, but we’ll probably install Exchange 2013 more on Windows Server 2012 than on 2008R2 IMHO.

Below the video is embedded, you'll probably need a higher resolution to see everything clearly.

More information can be found in this Technet Article (including the prerequisites for Windows Server 2008R2 SP1) or my The UC Architects fellow Michael van Horenbeecks excellent blog post.

Here is a link with a high quality download from SkyDrive. Distributed with a CC BY-NC-SA license.


Exchange Server 2013 Preview – Preparing Active Directory [Video]

Exchange Server 2013 Preview – Installing Exchange [Video]

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