MEC 2014 Meta recap

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For those that weren’t at the Microsoft Exchange Conference 2014 in Austin, there is a ton of information now available. It certainly won’t compare to actually have attended this conference, but it’s better than nothing. I’ve probably forgotten a ton of other information, but you gotta start somewhere Smile

Channel 9

Most recordings are now available for free at Channel 9. See here for all MEC2014 content. If you want to download all the stuff, use this script tweaked by Peter Schmidt.

Check out some these sessions that are IMHO a good start:

Exchange and Office Team Blogs

The Exchange and Office teams have published several blogs that are tied in with announcements and sessions made during MEC2014.


Several MVP/MCMs and trusted Exchange blogger have made some posts about MEC 2014 (in random order).

I don’t have anything to add on what was has been said in these posts. You could call me lazy, but I call it least administrative effort Smile

The UC Architects

Obviously The UC Architects were present and we even recorded a live session! The Episode 36 recording is available on our site and in several stores. More MEC related content was discussed in the follow-up recording in Episode 37.

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