Send As permission on Office 365 not with Add-ADPermission

With an On-Premises Exchange 2010 environment an administrator hands out Send-As permission with the Add-ADPermission cmdlet. But I found out that this doesn’t work in Office 365. In this case a P plan (no Dirsync, Federation or such), you can see the result in the screenshot: Funny thing is that if you try Add-MailboxPermission to add Send-As permission, the error message redirect you to Add-ADPermission. For handing out Send-As permissions (and other rights) in Office 365, you’ll have to use

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Lync 2010 on Android! Screenshots!

I’ve installed Lync 2010 for Android on my HTC Desire, which is upgraded to Android 2.3 via this update. Configured to use my Office 365 P1 subscription and made some screenshots! Configuration is easy, just enter the correct credentials and voila! You will have to prepare on the Lync 2010 Server end, but this is already done for Office 365. You can change your Status, the What’s happing ballon, see Options and the menu button shows the Sign Out button.

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Migrating to Office 365 Part 1: Business Case

This series of an yet unknown number of blog posts will depict my journey from on-premise services to cloud services. I will describe my situation, the choices I had to make and the issues I’ve encountered. It will be a learning experience I wouldn’t want you to miss out on. History I have had a personal Windows Domain for educational purposes for years now. My hypotheses was that by a having a day-by-day environment to upkeep, I would learn important lessons that I

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