Exchange Server 2007 (almost) EOL!

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Just a quick reminder that Exchange Server 2007 will have no support after April 11th 2017. Although every install will continue without any issue after this date, it is a risk continuing the use of this product. Security fixes won't come available, but also little things like timezone/daylight savings changes aren't updated which could have a high impact in your organisation.

You can transition to Exchange Server 2010 but preferably Exchange Server 2013. However, I would suggest migrating to Exchange Server 2016 but as there is no coexistence you would have to do a double migration (via Exchange Server 2013) or migrate towards Office 365/Exchange Online. MVP Steve Goodman has written a nice blog post with all your options in more detail.

Do note that Outlook 2007 will not work with Exchange Server 2016 or will cease to work with Office 365/Exchange Online after October 31st 2017.

On a side note: My last post on this blog (due to writing a book!) was also about this topic. Funny how those things go 🙂