Requirements to run SAP MA (still Beta)

Reading Time: < 1 minute

As I wrote in my previous blog entry about connecting to SAP systems SAP is very common data source we are connecting to. SAP MA built by product team is now in Beta 3 phase and is scheduled to be released in "near" future, but I'm trying to use it in my current assignemnt as an alternative to self build MA.

When You will install SAP MA beta on MIIS server, and than You will run ERP MA Configuration tool You may get following message:

Neither SAP nor PeopleSoft client libraries have been detected on this machine. The application cannot continue.

When You will read MA requirements You will find note that it requires SAP .NET Connector 2.0 installed in the system in order to run this tool. But I took learnin from my last adventure with SAP .NET Connector runtime and it showed up that to run this tool (and it should work with MA itself) it is enough to copy SAP.Connector and SAP.Connector.Rfc assemblies to working folder, and register librfc32.dll. All these files are installed with SAP .NET Connector, but in this way You don't have to install this software on production machine.