MTS 2008 post mortem

Reading Time: < 1 minute MTS is acronym for Microsoft Technology Summit which is TechED like conference held by Microsoft in Poland. Few thousands of attendees, almost 90 sessions in two days.  During this year I delivered two sessions – one which was about AD replication (topology, USN mechanics, UTD vector etc.) and second was random thoughts about different interesting … Continue reading "MTS 2008 post mortem"

Inactive “Open as a web folder” in IE

Reading Time: < 1 minute Recently one of customers asked me simple troubleshooting question – why users on Terminal Services can’t use "Open as Web folder” in IE? First answer is simple – because it is grayed out :). But why it is grayed out? Look, Terminal services == GPO in most cases. Answer was simple, but this customer has … Continue reading "Inactive “Open as a web folder” in IE"