History likes to repeat itself

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It was more than 6 years ago when I’ve decided to join the other side as Microsoft employee with Microsoft Consulting in Poland. And this was good move. As every such move it brought some changes in private and professional live. One of those changes was that my MVP award, Directory Services at that time was retired. Well – these are the rules and you are playing by them. This is how it is.

Well, my adventure with MCS has come to its end (never say never) when I have decided to enter an unknown territory of consulting practice with Connected Dots.

And now history has run the full cycle and I after 4 months being outside of MS I was again awarded with Microsoft Most Valuable (MVP) award, this time in Enterprise Security area (hmm…).


It is really good start into new year and I want to say Thank You for awarding me with this award and also big THANK YOU  for those who thought I’ve done enough to earn it and they submitted my candidacy to Microsoft.

Now its time to earn renewal next year.

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