Exchange 2007 and GAL synchronization

Reading Time: < 1 minute I've decided to give a try to new  Live Writer and blog about ILM\IIFP and Exchange 2007 support. One of common ILM\IIFP usage scenario is GAL synchronization between different forests. This is pre-configured MA delivered with ILM and IIFP which allows to synchronize contacts between Exchange 5.5/2000/2003. Unfortuantelly this solution relays on RUS as a … Continue reading "Exchange 2007 and GAL synchronization"

Vista and problem with storage devices connected through USB

Reading Time: < 1 minute Generally speaking I like Vista. I think that as a system for my main laptop machine it works really OK. I haven’t any hardware or BSOD problems till now (except problem with connecting my Canon SLR camera – BTW Canon has released updated drivers for Vista), maybe I was just lucky. However from time to … Continue reading "Vista and problem with storage devices connected through USB"

Fix for DNS RPC management interface security problem

Reading Time: < 1 minute Some time ago I wrote about a serious problem which is affecting DNS service, to be more specific management interface available through RPC. As DNS is one of heavily used service in Active Directory networks this is real problem. With this month's security patches we can get fix for this problem described in MS07-029 security … Continue reading "Fix for DNS RPC management interface security problem"