Speaking …

Reading Time: 2 minutes Next few months looks like a speaking engagements trial for me. In October I will speak at MTS 2008, which is Polish TechEd-like conference organized by our MS sub. I will deliver two sessions: AD replication under the hood: I will try to explain how AD replication works, what is important to know to effective … Continue reading "Speaking …"

How MS IT manages schema changes

Reading Time: < 1 minute Schema updates for AD it is something which gives most of customers I'm working with a creeps.  They don't like it, they don't want to do this.  I hope that just published document titles Structured Active Directory Schema Management at Microsoft will let them to overcome the fears and prepare schema management process for their … Continue reading "How MS IT manages schema changes"

"User canceled installation" problem while installing ILM remotely

Reading Time: < 1 minute One of my fellows MCS consultants was deploying ILM at customer place and hit the strange issue, that ILM installation was terminating silently without any error message. In installer log for this installation following entry was logged at the end of the process: MSI (c) (20:48) [16:49:34:097]: Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: Microsoft … Continue reading ""User canceled installation" problem while installing ILM remotely"