RSAT is available for download

Reading Time: < 1 minute Wave of information has started to spread across the Internet that RSAT has been finally released for download. So here are links for RSAT download: 32-bit 64-bit. All of you who have deployed Windows Server 2008, especially as Core version should like this information.

Critical vuln in MIT Kerberos implementation

Reading Time: < 1 minute This isn't something which is in line with my day to day work, however this is something which may affect many organizations so I've decided to add my blog to list of sties which will duplicate this information. Secunia has reported critical vulnerability in MIT Kerberos implementation which can result in remote code execution, DoS … Continue reading "Critical vuln in MIT Kerberos implementation"

Active Directory technical specification

Reading Time: < 1 minute In case somebody missed it – Microsoft has published lately technical specification for its products. Result of some trials before European Union Committee (I still don't like this institution).  Among other documents you can find there Active Directory Technical Specification. And now everything is clear about AD … isn't it :). Time to find some … Continue reading "Active Directory technical specification"

Confidential attributes – Windows 2008 follow-up

Reading Time: 4 minutes My post about confidential attributes is one of most popular on this blog. So far it had 2950 views. By the way, most popular posts are about drink attribute in AD (4118 views, taking under consideration subject of this post it is not surprising ) and my notes about extending schema in AD (5523 views). … Continue reading "Confidential attributes – Windows 2008 follow-up"

Quick ILM documents info – searching MV and correcting joins

Reading Time: < 1 minute I was attending DEC 2008 this week. Few words about conference will show up later on this blog, right now I just want to share two links with You which was presented during Markus Vilcinskas session on DEC. First one, Implementing a Lightweight Metaverse Search, is about searching metaverse data through some additional configuration and … Continue reading "Quick ILM documents info – searching MV and correcting joins"