Quick ILM documents info – searching MV and correcting joins

I was attending DEC 2008 this week. Few words about conference will show up later on this blog, right now I just want to share two links with You which was presented during Markus Vilcinskas session on DEC.

First one, Implementing a Lightweight Metaverse Search, is about searching metaverse data through some additional configuration and application. If You look for a way to create search interface for Your ILM implementation this might be a way to do this.

Second one, Correcting Incorrect Joins, describes how You can approach problem of correcting in automated way joins, which are initially done wrong (for example same ID assigned to two different users in two systems. This one, and presentation about it I found particularly interesting, as I've deployed exactly this method almost two years ago as a part of customer implementation. Now I know that this is something which is recommended :).


For those who are interested both documents are available as a part of getting started documentation on Microsoft Downloads.