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Just quick download information drop – new documents from getting started series has been published on a Web (at least I found them now πŸ™‚ ). Looking on a topics coverage this might be useful series for any starting ILM newbie. Shame to admit but I haven't seen these documents before or I don't remember this fact.

It is a bit quiet here right now – mostly because I've spent a lot of time lately developing presentation for internal TechReady Microsoft's conference. This will be my first time doing session in English so it might be a bit of fun (especially that we are doing live demos during this session, and live sometimes are not so live :)). Anyway – if You are MS employee and You are on TR6 please find my name in session schedule on Friday morning.

To readers of my Polish blog (if any here) – because of little disaster my blog is off-line now. Because I'm in States I can't fix it now :(.

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