Hybrid sleep in Vista

Reading Time: 2 minutes Shutdown options in Vista had recently some space in blogsphere because of Joel's post about Vista shutdown menu, and follow up made by Moishe Lettvin who worked on developing this piece. Continuing this thread we can get a view on how development of similar thing looked like for Mac OS X. But this is not main topic of this post. … Continue reading "Hybrid sleep in Vista"

Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK)

Reading Time: < 1 minute New download called Windows Automated Installation Kit just showed up on Downloads. According to its description: (…) Use this tool to configure unattended setup answer files (Unattend.xml) and capture images. (…) It support Windows 2003/XP/Vista. There is nothing more what I can tell You about it just now, I will have to test it and … Continue reading "Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK)"

ADMTv3 migration guide

Reading Time: < 1 minute Most of people dealing with Active Directory knows or heard of Active Directory Migration Guide. With version 3 being current, this tool allows to migrate data between Windows NT\Active Directory domains, helping in migration and domain restructuring scenario. Microsoft has published ADMTv3 migration guide document which should be useful for those who are planning to … Continue reading "ADMTv3 migration guide"

More data is available exception when searching with S.DS

Reading Time: 2 minutes If You are developer and You have to utilize Active Directory or ADAM in Your application .NET System.DirectoryServices (S.DS) namespace is nice thing to have. It simplifies operation performed against Active Directory, hiding all COM stuff behind relatively few different classes You can use to query and modify directory objects. S.DS is nice namespace, but it still utilizes … Continue reading "More data is available exception when searching with S.DS"

Sysinternals has a new home

Reading Time: < 1 minute Sysinternals tools have new home at TechNet – if You need it now You can find at http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysinternals/. With new home, new tool was added to SysInternals toolset –  ProcessMonitor, which has functionality of Regmon and Filemon, plus monitoring of processes and threads in one tool

Few word on objectCategory usage in LDAP filters

Reading Time: < 1 minute Recently my friend wrote simple app which is querying AD for some data, and he sent me LDAP filter to check – this filter was completely OK, but not very straightforward to read. Yesterday I came across similar usage of objectCategory attribute in LDAP filter, and I don't think it was used in this way … Continue reading "Few word on objectCategory usage in LDAP filters"