Vista and problem with storage devices connected through USB

Reading Time: < 1 minute Generally speaking I like Vista. I think that as a system for my main laptop machine it works really OK. I haven’t any hardware or BSOD problems till now (except problem with connecting my Canon SLR camera – BTW Canon has released updated drivers for Vista), maybe I was just lucky. However from time to … Continue reading "Vista and problem with storage devices connected through USB"

Error after applying BitLocker schema extensions

Reading Time: < 1 minute New KB article 932862 was published yesterday to discuss issues which may occur after applying BitLocker schema extensions in Active Directory forest under some conditions. As this KB states: (…) This problem occurs if the following conditions are true: • The Active Directory domain that includes the BitLocker Drive Encryption schema updates contains Windows Server … Continue reading "Error after applying BitLocker schema extensions"


Reading Time: 3 minutes Are You using some methods of securing data on Yours laptop hard drive? EFS anyone? I'm curious how many of readers are using TrueCrypt? Until today I've used TrueCrypt as  a solution for secure file storing on my laptop machine. TrueCrypt is really cool tool. It gives You good usability, strong encryption and ability to … Continue reading "BitLocker(ed)"

Mark is writing about Vista's kernel

Reading Time: < 1 minute Mark Russinovich (well known as founder of Sysinternals and author of tools like Process Explorer, Regmon, Filemon and many more … ), now Technical Fellow at Microsoft, is writing in last Technet Magazine about Vista's kernel. As this article has "Part 1" in its title we can expect more interesting stuff in next issues of … Continue reading "Mark is writing about Vista's kernel"

FireFox and CardSpace (InfoCards)

Reading Time: < 1 minute Kim Camreon posted lately link to Kevin Miller's blog who wrote FireFox plugin for CardSpace. CardSpace (InfoCards) is Windows implementation for user centric identity idea. To use CardSpace as authentication factor in the Internet Your browser has to support it with selector component. Till this moment selector was only available for Internet Explorer, now we can … Continue reading "FireFox and CardSpace (InfoCards)"