Schema extensions for Vista new features

Reading Time: < 1 minute Vista introduces several new functionality and few of then (to be specific two) requires our AD environment to get prepared through schema extension. These schema extension needed to run new Vista's features will be part of LH schema, but LH is still somewhere behind the horizon and we have to take care about it by … Continue reading "Schema extensions for Vista new features"

Vista Group Policy Log View

Reading Time: < 1 minute Microsoft has published new Vista tool called Group Policy Log View. Its name tells everything about its purpose. Vista's GPO processing takes advantage of new event logging subsystem Crimson and stores a lot of data about GPO processing in event logs. This tool allows You to create TXT, XML or HTML report from these events. Report … Continue reading "Vista Group Policy Log View"

Hybrid sleep in Vista

Reading Time: 2 minutes Shutdown options in Vista had recently some space in blogsphere because of Joel's post about Vista shutdown menu, and follow up made by Moishe Lettvin who worked on developing this piece. Continuing this thread we can get a view on how development of similar thing looked like for Mac OS X. But this is not main topic of this post. … Continue reading "Hybrid sleep in Vista"

Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK)

Reading Time: < 1 minute New download called Windows Automated Installation Kit just showed up on Downloads. According to its description: (…) Use this tool to configure unattended setup answer files (Unattend.xml) and capture images. (…) It support Windows 2003/XP/Vista. There is nothing more what I can tell You about it just now, I will have to test it and … Continue reading "Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK)"

Identity Metasystem whitepaper

Reading Time: < 1 minute I'm just catching up with my RSS feeds after few days being off-line (failed power supply may be very troublesome) and I found interesting link at Kim's Cameron blog. Kim is presenting Microsoft Whitepaper titled The Identity Metasystem: Towards a Privacy-Compliant Solution to the Challenges of Digital Identity which is about Identity Metasystem, InfoCards and … Continue reading "Identity Metasystem whitepaper"

Dual booting Vista and Linux on BitLocker and TPM protected drive

Reading Time: < 1 minute If You are interested in an answer to question "How to dual boot Linux and Vista on BitLocker protected drive?" You will find it on Cyril Voisin blog. Cyril is Security Advisor working in Microsoft France, and in his latest post he described how to configure dual booting for Vista and Linux on BitLocker drive with … Continue reading "Dual booting Vista and Linux on BitLocker and TPM protected drive"

Vista will open more access for security providers …

Reading Time: < 1 minute I just found at joe's  site link to Washington Post's article which is informing about decission which was made at Microsoft to open access to system "guts" for security software providers. If it is true, and I don't have any reasons not to belive WP it will mean that security software providers like Symantec and … Continue reading "Vista will open more access for security providers …"

Windows Defender and Your Run key – what do You need to know?

Reading Time: 3 minutes   Recently one of my friends who is running small (but very good – <ad word>If You need serious security guys, just call them</ad word>) security company sent me a link to some document. This document described simple experiment with security features made on Windows Vista (Beta2). What its author did was creating simple program … Continue reading "Windows Defender and Your Run key – what do You need to know?"

Vista RC1, Office 2007 Beta 2 TR

Reading Time: 2 minutes So … for two weeks I'm running Vista RC1 (5600) – time for some comments. I'm using Vista on Toshiba Tecra M5 as my main machine, mostly for Visual Studio development, VPC, Internet and e-mail activity. My laptop is dual core with 2 GBs of RAM. First, it is more stable ten previous builds (Beta2) I … Continue reading "Vista RC1, Office 2007 Beta 2 TR"