MIIS 2003 Design Concepts

Reading Time: < 1 minute New download on Microsoft Downloads delivers three new documents, as stated on download page: MIIS 2003 Design Concepts for Reference Attributes – This document explains how reference attributes are processed by MIIS 2003 for direct attribute mapping scenarios and provides a conceptual explanation of a custom solution for advanced mapped reference attributes. It also includes … Continue reading "MIIS 2003 Design Concepts"

MIIS newbie tales – episod 1

Reading Time: 2 minutes I’m not MIIS expert, as I started working with MIIS projects few months ago, so maybe I will not post very advanced posts regarding MIIS in short time but I want to share with some field experience I had with MIIS. Today I want to give some hints about three problems one can came across … Continue reading "MIIS newbie tales – episod 1"

OpenLDAP MA for MIIS 2003

Reading Time: < 1 minute One interesting entry showed today on the SourceForge site. Developers from kernelnetworks developed and published on SF OpenLDAP Management Agent for MIIS 2003. Quote from the project web page: (…)This project aims at providing connectivity for commercial and non-commercial applications between MIIS 2003 and OpenLDAP 2.x-based directories, allowing customers to integrate OpenLDAP 2.x into an … Continue reading "OpenLDAP MA for MIIS 2003"

[R] InfoWorld's IdM solutions challenge

Reading Time: < 1 minute InfoWorld invited few major providers of IdM solution to some kind of competition in IdM solution implementation. The challenge was to build IdM solution in specific scenario which involved integration of HR system, Active Directory, Exchange and Linux. Results of this challenge can be read on the Infoworld's web page.