FireFox and CardSpace (InfoCards)

Kim Camreon posted lately link to Kevin Miller's blog who wrote FireFox plugin for CardSpace. CardSpace (InfoCards) is Windows implementation for user centric identity idea. To use CardSpace as authentication factor in the Internet Your browser has to support it with selector component. Till this moment selector was only available for Internet Explorer, now we can … Continue reading "FireFox and CardSpace (InfoCards)"

Identity Metasystem whitepaper

I'm just catching up with my RSS feeds after few days being off-line (failed power supply may be very troublesome) and I found interesting link at Kim's Cameron blog. Kim is presenting Microsoft Whitepaper titled The Identity Metasystem: Towards a Privacy-Compliant Solution to the Challenges of Digital Identity which is about Identity Metasystem, InfoCards and … Continue reading "Identity Metasystem whitepaper"

Script to populate AD with Excel files

Many times on groups and forums people were asking about script which will populate AD with data from Excel file. Alex Tcherniakhovski has modified one of scripts available in script center to create test data in AD environment based on Excel files. This script was created for testing pourposes but it can be used and … Continue reading "Script to populate AD with Excel files"

MIIS newbie tales: accessing SAP with .NET applications (or how to build MA for SAP)

So … MIIS newbie comes back after some time spent on MIIS development to share with You latest experience of building connection with different systems. Today’s topic: Connecting with SAP system. SAP is very common application (is this application or whole system now) in enterprise environment, and often it is a source of information about … Continue reading "MIIS newbie tales: accessing SAP with .NET applications (or how to build MA for SAP)"

MIIS design concepts updated

MIIS design concepts document library has been updated with new document. MIIS 2003 Design Concepts for Advanced Solution Components has been recently added as next document in this family. MIIS 2003 Design Concepts for Advanced Solution Components deals with: (…) “process-level attributes” and “conditional metaverse objects” to improve the convergence efficiency of the identity integration … Continue reading "MIIS design concepts updated"

MIIS newbie tales (part 2) – desire for uniquity.

Everybody tries to be unique – to be or to do something to make us unique among others. Even if we are not doing this intentionally this just happens. Everybody also has something which identifies them among others, this is our name, hair color, face, character – in real world we are unique because of … Continue reading "MIIS newbie tales (part 2) – desire for uniquity."