Small Vista thing

Reading Time: < 1 minute

I know that I own to some of You update on my Vista experience as since the time I wrote about it last time I've upgraded my Vista twice (now it is RC1).  Now it will be only short comment on one of a features which is available in Vista, not very important but nice. I'm thinking about new sound mixer which let's You to select sound volume separately for every application You are running.

For me this is nice feature (yes, I can live without it but it is nice to have it) as I'm often listening to the music while working and browsing the net. I can use it to turn off the sound for everything except my music player.

Beside this, RC1 is still consuming way to much memory on start, but I have to admit that is more stable then previous Beta2 and refresh. No more crashing explorer or WMP. Windows Explorer is quicker while browsing folders and shares. I know – these are maybe not very important things but it is nice to see it more stable.

That's all for now … will get back to this topic shortly.