What Terminal Services has common with debugging?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hmm ..since today I would answer to such question "nothing"? But if this answer was so easy probably You would not see this post – so answer is not so easy. Today I've started some test on MIIS project I'm working on now and I've wanted to debug some metaverse extension wrote with C#\VS 2005. … Continue reading "What Terminal Services has common with debugging?"

Marry Christmas to all …

Reading Time: < 1 minute Marry Christmas (or Happy Holidays, or … ) for all the readers of this blog (I hope there are any πŸ™‚ ). Silent and peacefull Christmas and Hapy New Year (may be not very silent πŸ™‚ on New Year's Eve) but You have to have a lot of fun. All best wishes to You and … Continue reading "Marry Christmas to all …"