Active Directory Topology Diagrammer

Reading Time: < 1 minute It looks like we have to remeber new acronym for tool name – ADTD which stands for Active Directory Topology Diagrammer is, as I see it, replacement for older tool known for some people like ADMap. It allows You to build Visio diagram representing Active Directory configuration based on data from catalog itself. ADTD can … Continue reading "Active Directory Topology Diagrammer"

ADFind udpate, stats and performance

Reading Time: 2 minutes joe has released new version of excelent ADFind tool, You can read about this update and grab new version on joe's blog. I want to mention only one of the aspects of this update – on Windows 2008 (aka Longhorn) this version gives You access to new statistics for LDAP queries from AD. Let's take … Continue reading "ADFind udpate, stats and performance"


Reading Time: < 1 minute VMRCPlus is new tool which will become public soon or even is released right now. This is one of the tools I've asked "why it is not public" when I've joined Microsoft two years ago (wow, it is two years this month). VMRCPlus is client tool for Virtual Server which will allow You to connect … Continue reading "VMRCPlus"

How to remove\add workstation from\to domain remotely?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Today on newsgroup somebody came with a question how he can remove and add workstations to domain, without performing this operation manually on every workstation? Because of some DR situation he had 250 workstations which were a member of non-existing domain and new AD, and wanted to add them back to domain. The same … Continue reading "How to remove\add workstation from\to domain remotely?"

Slash character in AD object distinguishedName

Reading Time: 2 minutes I was working lately on some code which utilizes Active Directory and I came across problem that trying to access some of objects raised an exception with E_ADS_BAD_PATHNAME message. After short investigation I found out that this objects for which this exception was raised had slash character in distinguishedName. These objects were representing physical locations … Continue reading "Slash character in AD object distinguishedName"

How to check if I can update attribute?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Yesterday I was at customer site to talk about identity management and as it often happens some other topics were discussed with customer tech stuff after discussing main topics. In this discussion I was asked how to read and parse security descriptor for  Active Directory object. After few questions we came to conclusion that they … Continue reading "How to check if I can update attribute?"