Who needs another DC?

Active Directory as network service has  (at least IMO) one great advantage (some problems can be pointed as well ) – relative simplicity of building service which will be fault tolerant service. With proper design and maintenance it takes some efforts to break AD as a service. It provides: multiple directory replica with multi-master replication … Continue reading "Who needs another DC?"

And you will keep your password updated …

Implementing effective password policy was always a hard task. Especially when additional accounts like: workstation local administrator account services account (look for W2008R2 new features) name whatever you want account … comes into equation and you have to make sure that all of them are in compliance with password policy of your company. Not always … Continue reading "And you will keep your password updated …"

RODC deployment guide

Another short download information: RODC Deployment Guide just hit TechNet web pages, so anyone interested in deploying Windows Server 2008 with this role have something to read while servers will do its daily business. This part of this guide deals only with deploying RODC in branch office scenario. Other planned parts of this document will … Continue reading "RODC deployment guide"

RODC compatibility pack for down-level clients

Number of RODCs in a production environment is probably not very high now but many peoples and organizations are thinking about it. For those I have good news that new KB article 944043 was published which is delivering RODC compatibility pack for down level clients. In this case 'down level' means XP and 2003.  This … Continue reading "RODC compatibility pack for down-level clients"

Steal this post … just like Deepak

… You want to have Your own blog with fresh content … on different topics … just steel this post like Deepak Gupta is doing. Lately he wrote about maximum limits in AD, just like I did. He wrote also about Hyper-V new features, exactly as Natasha did on her blog. Maybe I should be … Continue reading "Steal this post … just like Deepak"

How far You can actually push AD?

Have you ever wondered how many objects You can create in Your DIT (actually this was showed some time ago by ~Eric) ? Or how many DC is to many in a domain?  For some time now on one of MS internal distribution groups group of folks were discussing document which describes such limits related … Continue reading "How far You can actually push AD?"