One subnet to catch them all

This post is probably first of TEC 2009 follow-up series, at least partially as I thought about covering it just before going to TEC. However Brian Desmond has touched this topic during his session so it is good reason to follow-up on it. This will be about usage of catch-all subnets in AD topology design. … Continue reading "One subnet to catch them all"

ILM 2007 and virtualization – small but important change

Small, but important change was introduced in ILM 2007 FP1 FAQ: Wow … this means that something which already had happened at many customers is now officially supported configuration. Good for customers who are running ILM in VM or are thinking about moving to it with ILM. (cc) BikoBikoBiko FAQ mentions Hyper-V explicitly but as … Continue reading "ILM 2007 and virtualization – small but important change"

Using multiple UPN suffixes for users in single directory is always a source of all sorts of directory related discussion. In most cases interesting once. I have to admit that I would like to have more time to catch up with and to be more active there (note to self) but with Wojtek @ home (he’s growing) it is getting even harder … Continue reading "Using multiple UPN suffixes for users in single directory"

September – speaking season

This September – at least for me – is a speaking season. I’m speaking at two conferences. First is TEC 2009 organized by Quest in Berlin. TEC will gather many of well known people as speakers – let me quote Gil here: TEC is comprised to two conferences this year. TEC/Identity and Access features speakers … Continue reading "September – speaking season"

Ex2007SP2 – step towards virtual directory … sort of

There are number of things in which my current employer managed to succeed. Among greatest success I think  one can count way in which Microsoft managed to scare people with Active Directory schema extension. Probably it has started somewhere down the road with Windows 2000 shipped, some communication, talks … but the fact is … … Continue reading "Ex2007SP2 – step towards virtual directory … sort of"