MTS 2008 post mortem

MTS is acronym for Microsoft Technology Summit which is TechED like conference held by Microsoft in Poland. Few thousands of attendees, almost 90 sessions in two days.  During this year I delivered two sessions – one which was about AD replication (topology, USN mechanics, UTD vector etc.) and second was random thoughts about different interesting … Continue reading "MTS 2008 post mortem"

Speaking …

Next few months looks like a speaking engagements trial for me. In October I will speak at MTS 2008, which is Polish TechEd-like conference organized by our MS sub. I will deliver two sessions: AD replication under the hood: I will try to explain how AD replication works, what is important to know to effective … Continue reading "Speaking …"

My new CEO

No .. this will not be about changes in management @ Microsoft – if some changes will happen I will leave comments to it to mini. We have our new CEO in a little smaller company called Our home. He has black fur and he's British. Photo from his business profile is presented below. For … Continue reading "My new CEO"